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Written by Toni   
Saturday, 11 March 2017 19:59

Dear Clubs

The fixtures for this summer league can now be found on the website www.cdnl.org

There is quite a bit of information coming up, please do take time to read this and disseminate to all your players.

Please note that you will need to find umpires for your own games.  As usual, the Committee can’t enforce how much you pay your umpires so please make sure you agree details with them personally beforehand – saves embarrassment on the night.

We have taken on board comments throughout the summer season last year and comments on the entry forms and tried to come up with a middle ground which will suit the majority of you.  This year each one hour game will be split into two.  The first two quarters will be normal netball rules and the second two quarters will be wild card format.  Both scores will be amalgamated to make up the final score reflected on the website.  On both the normal and wild card game, you will be allowed to have rolling substitutions – don’t forget, you don’t need to wait for an umpire’s whistle to substitute players and you can substitute as many times as you like.

One of the comments last year was that the games finished very late so we’ve pushed the start times to 6.30pm and 8.00pm.  This will give players and umpires a chance to go from one venue to another on a Thursday night if they find they are out at both venues but different times.  It should also help with parking issues at Milton – local residents have mentioned how difficult it is with the amount of cars parked on the roads near the entrance to the courts.  As there is a turnaround between games, this should alleviate the congestion as people will be leaving the 6.30 games before the 8.00 games start.  Please do think about sharing cars if you can as parking isn’t limitless.  Impington have more room so there shouldn’t be a problem there – do remember though NOT to park in the car park near the sports centre reception as this should be kept for patrons using the sports centre itself.  Either park at the far end of the courts in the car park there or on the playground (there is a map on the website showing where to park).

We would ask you all to try and get to your games at least 10 minutes before they start so that players can take to court, having had their nails checked etc, on time.  Please make sure your players are ready by having their jewellery removed, nails cut, bibs on and toss up for centre pass already done before the start time.

With 99 teams to accommodate and 363 games to fit in, it’s not been an easy task, so please don’t be quick to criticise what the hard working members on your Committee have put together along with the hours of programming done by our fantastic webmaster.  There may be times when your teams will clash but that’s unavoidable and we would like to think that if you have entered a certain amount of teams, you will have enough players to field those teams even if they were all playing at the same time.

Cambourne 12s, Cojags U14s and Swans U16s – if you scroll down to the bottom of the fixtures, you will see fixtures for 1 August.  We have entered a random date for these three fixtures but would ask if you could play these off site at some point during the season.  We could not accommodate these games on a Tuesday night within the weeks given.  Just pop the scorecard for this game into the box the next week you’re out and email the score through to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Do remember that the adult matches are not only split between Milton and Impington this year, they are also on Wednesday AND Thursday nights.  Do check carefully where you should be on any given night.  This may sound silly but we did have teams turn up at the wrong venue on numerous occasions last year!

Blank scorecards will be printed and available for you to collect from the scorebox on your first fixture evening, they will be blank so please just take as many as you need for your own games.  Please could you write both team names as well as the date and time of the fixture on the cards as this will help enormously when entering the scores.  There won’t always be a Committee member at the games every week so if you don’t see the scorebox on the IVC courts, please go in and ask for it – also it will need to be popped back into reception at the end of the evening.  The Milton scorebox may not materialise until later in the evening as there isn’t anywhere to keep it on the premises so I’ll need to come down and drop it off.  If, for any reason, I’m unable to drop the Milton scorebox off, then please could one of the umpires collect up the scorecards at the end of the games for safekeeping?

Remember that rules are a bit more relaxed during summer league as regards players, so if you only have 2 or 3 players for a match and are thinking of conceding the match, put out a plea on FB or via email to the other teams to see if anyone can help you out making up numbers.  It would be a shame to have matches cancelled.

One of the issues in previous years is that rubbish is regularly left behind.  Please take time to look around your court and pick up your rubbish – there are plenty of bins around, do use them.  It isn’t the Committee’s job to check the courts at the end of the evening for you and nor is it the job of the venues to clear away your rubbish!!

If you have any queries, please do get in touch with any member of the Committee.

Have fun ladies
On behalf of CDNL Committee 

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Written by Andy   
Saturday, 21 March 2015 19:27

If you are playing at Impington, could we please ask that you let all your members know to NOT park in the car park just by the Sports Centre Reception.  Players should be parking either right at the bottom of the courts in the car park there or on the playground to the left of the courts – to access this playground, use the main entrance to Impington Village College which is further along the same road.  Veer to the right and down a slabbed incline to the playground.

Parking at IVC

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Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00

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Cambridgeshire County Netball Association AGM and Presentations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andy   
Monday, 01 October 2012 14:12

On Tuesday 19 June the committee made two prestigious awards to people who have contributed to netball in the county.  This year there was a new award in memory of Felice Papworth.  Over many years Felice was a Coach, Mentor, Umpire and Player in the county and will be sadly missed. 


The Felice Papworth Award was presented to Linda Swain who has had an incredible impact on Cambridgeshire netball since 1978 on a personal, team and club level.  For decades she has been the driving force behind netball development in Cambridgeshire.  She has encouraged and inspired players from primary school age all the way through adulthood to retirement age!

She has worked tirelessly to implement netball opportunities, whether it be coaching sessions, matches, tournaments, High 5s, Back to Netball, you name it she has done it.

Linda has also done a huge amount to support netball for Youths/Juniors. She has coached on a voluntary basis at Club and County levels and continues to support the teams at local/regional level giving up a huge amount of her time.  Several of her young players have even gone on to careers in netball.

Her enthusiasm and inclusive manner has benefited players with disabilities just as much as those who have gone on to play for England or been selected for Super League squads.  Linda has been instrumental in Cambridgeshire players being identified for regional and national opportunities and has been a friend and mentor to so many over the years.


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Written by Toni   
Saturday, 14 April 2012 11:16

Dear Clubs

Thanks for entering summer league this season.

We took on board comments from last year and have changed the format. As you will see, there are divisions of 9 teams and everyone plays everyone twice.  We have put teams into divisions based on their placing in last year’s winter league and what information has been given on the entry forms: there will be no handicaps this year.

The matches are shorter to be able to accommodate this and there are a few matches each night for the various divisions.  There are fewer nights where each division turns out to play but they may have two or three matches per night.

Please note that teams have been shuffled around (not mixed from top to bottom like last year) so that teams are not playing the same teams as in the winter league.  We have also taken into account a number of factors including not having teams from the same clubs in the same divisions.

There will be no central timing this season so please ensure that your matches are played to time.
Juniors will be playing 2 x 10 minutes with a 2 minute half time switch over.
Adults will play 1 x 15 minute match.

As usual, scorecards will need to be put into the score box which will be at the entrance to the courts.

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