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Summer League 2015

Dear All

There will be wild cards again this year (but not for ALL matches) but please do enter into the spirit of our summer league which focuses mainly on the fun aspect of playing women’s netball.  Please note that any instruction on the Wild Card is for the duration of the game, not just the first half, unless otherwise indicated.  For example if the wild card is "GS swaps with GK", the players who move into those positions MUST stay there for the entire game and not change at half time.  If you have extra players and want to bring them on at half time, you are able to bring off your GS and/or GK in this example but if either of these players return to court they MUST go back to the position they were given by the Wild Card.

Juniors will be playing games of 15 minutes one way, adults will be playing 15 minutes each way.

Score cards will be handed out at your first fixture – please remember to put the team names, date of match and venue on the cards and pop them in the score box at the end of the evening so that we can update the website as quickly as possible.

Remember that usual netball rules apply (please see website for these and for a copy of the CDNL and CCNA Constitutions).

Every team needs to supply their own umpire and we suggest you speak to your umpire about payment and agree beforehand.  Some umpires only require bribes with chocolate/wine/sweets and some will prefer cash.  Sorting this out prior to the matches will save embarrassment on the night.  You can source your umpires at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via our Facebook site if you are a member of this closed group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cdnlnetball/ Note that we have lots of people practising their umpiring in preparation for taking tests - please, please give them your support.  We cannot play netball without umpires.

If you are playing at Impington, could we please ask that you let all your members know to NOT park in the car park just by the Sports Centre Reception.  Players should be parking either right at the bottom of the courts in the car park there or on the playground to the left of the courts – to access this playground, use the main entrance to Impington Village College which is further along the same road.  Veer to the right and down a slabbed incline to the playground.

Due to the number of teams entering summer league, there will be times when teams from the same Club will have to play at the same time.  This is unavoidable but please remember that as it’s summer league, you’re more than welcome to use players from other teams to fill in.  You can either grab people from the sidelines or email round clubs who are playing at the same time to ask if they have any spares you can borrow.

Could we ask that you all turn up on time to your matches, umpires included, as this does have a knock on effect for the later matches.  Those ladies playing at 8.45pm don’t want to be starting much later than that.

At the end of an evening, please make  time to check the court area for any bottles/wrappers/rubbish left on the sidelines – there are plenty of bins, please use them!

Happy netballing everyone


On behalf of CDNL Committee

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